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      Canadian Political Science Association

      2023 Annual Conference


      Hosted at the University of Western Ontario
      Tuesday, June 2nd to Thursday, June 4th
      Promote and follow the event on Twitter using #CPSA_ACSP20

    Welcome to the 2023 CPSA Annual Conference


    • The CPSA will provide a full refund of registration fees should the 2023 Congress be cancelled and will refund registration fees for anybody who does not wish to attend due to COVID-19.
    • The CPSA will follow the lead of the Government of Canada Public Health Agency, working in consultation with the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences and Western University and monitor the situation closely. 
    Government of Canada Advice on Mass Gatherings 
    Western University Statement
    Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences 
    Information Portal

    • The SSHRC has also stated it will 网易UU加速器里如何选择并切换加速节点-百度经验:2021-5-9 · 网易UU加速器里如何选择并切换加速节点,我伊在使用网易UU加速器给游戏加速时,除方便的一键加速外,也可伍根据自己所在的上网环境、节点评分、想要玩的区服等手动选择对应的模式和节点,今天就教教大家如何操作。.  
    CPSA Board of Directors
    Call for Proposals Conference Documents and Information Conference Programme (2023) Registration (.docx) Register for Pre-conference Workshop: Feminist Leadership Program on Pedagogical and Research Praxis
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